Experiments with Sound and Video

Experimental sound project.
My goal was to get the video to generate sound. I have linked the values of the RGB channels at 5 locations and fed those values into a tone effect using Expressions within After Effects.
I found a color sampler expression on Adobe’s site by Todd Kopriva and experimented from there. I was able to feed the R, G, and B values to the frequency values of the Tone effect and adjusted the RGB scale to suit.


targetLayer = thisComp.layer(“stripyLayer”);
samplePoint = targetLayer.effect(“Point Control”)(“Point”);
sampleRadius = [1,1];
sampledColor_8bpc = 5000 * targetLayer.sampleImage(samplePoint, sampleRadius); // Change the 5000 value to what ever you want. It was originally 255.
R = Math.round(sampledColor_8bpc[0]);
G = Math.round(sampledColor_8bpc[1]);
B = Math.round(sampledColor_8bpc[2]);
A = Math.round(sampledColor_8bpc[3]);
G // This is the last line of the expression and is the value that is sent to the Tone effect.