National Library of Singapore

National Library of Singapore

Earlier this year I visited the National Library of Singapore. The architecture, deigned by Ken Yeang, is quite interesting, but the day became overcast just after I arrived. The photo above was one of the last that I shot before the rain.


National Library of Singapore

Looking straight up to the shaded skylight. I tried printing light but the image lacked the the feeling I hoped for, so I’ve printed down to explore a darker mood.


National Library of Singapore

This series makes me dark and moody. It turned out opposite to my goal of conveing the strong feeling of lightness that Singapore exhibits almost everyday.

I’m looking for the feeling I get when looking at early urban landscape pictures from the 19th century (using silver chloride), but I seem to have ended up in the work typical of the 20th century with its contrasty, shadow heavy silver bromide images.

The first picture works well. I think the second and third also work in this interpretation.


National Library of Singapore

This last picture also lacked the brightness that I’m after, but has contrasts and details that work really well.

Film is Ilford FP4 shot on a Yashica 635 twin lens camera from 1958. I think the focal length is about 80mm.

Red Roofs

Red Roofs

Serangoon, Singapore. 2014.
Nikon D200.



Melbourne, Vic, Australia. 2002.
Kodak 400TMY. Nikon 601.

Yellow Wall

Yellow Wall

Glebe, NSW, Australia. 2002.
Fuji RHPIII. Mamiya RB67.



Compassville, Singapore. 2001.
Fuji RDP II. Mamiya RB67.

We Went to Melbourne

In November 2006, we went to Melbourne to see the sites and do some shopping


But, nobody wanted to sell us anything.

That night as the streets began to clear,

while we were enjoying a Spanish Doughnut & Hot Chocolate Dip,

a strange wind blew in.

The next morning we discovered that a Picasso-loving,

alien war-lord

had drugged the G-20 protesters, co-opting them into spreading the word of his alien Sex Goddess.

Unfortunately for us, we couldn’t read aliensexgoddess.

Clearly, the drugs affected the architects as well.


Amazed, we raced to the nearest phone to call home,

but, we couldn’t reach it!

Anyway, we had a great time in Melbourne, although we lost our luggage on the way home.




Randwick, NSW. 2007.
Nikon D200.